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The true victory of Islam, as is evident from the word 'Islam' (submission) itself, lies in our complete surrendering our selves to God and freeing ourselves of our egos and our passions. No idol, whether it is the idol of our desires, our our intentions, or the idol of creature worship, should stand in our way, and we should submit ourselves entirely to the will of God. After reaching this state of Fana (self-annihilation), we will attain baqa (the life of eternity) which will give our eyes a new light, our minds a new passion; and we will become a wholly new being and the same Eternal God will become for us a new God. This is the true victory, and one aspect of it is Divine ammunion.(the green announcement p. 28)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Persecution of Ahmadi community in Pakistan

Pakistan's conflict with Taliban militants is always in the news. What is never reported is the persecution of ethnic minorities there. Members of the Ahmadi community say they are Muslim. But their exact beliefs make them a target. Muslims, particularly fundamentalists, say they want to wipe them out. The state is accused of standing by and letting the persecution go on. France 24's Cédric Molle-Laurençon has been to the heart of the Ahmadi community in Lahore.

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