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The true victory of Islam, as is evident from the word 'Islam' (submission) itself, lies in our complete surrendering our selves to God and freeing ourselves of our egos and our passions. No idol, whether it is the idol of our desires, our our intentions, or the idol of creature worship, should stand in our way, and we should submit ourselves entirely to the will of God. After reaching this state of Fana (self-annihilation), we will attain baqa (the life of eternity) which will give our eyes a new light, our minds a new passion; and we will become a wholly new being and the same Eternal God will become for us a new God. This is the true victory, and one aspect of it is Divine ammunion.(the green announcement p. 28)

Promised Messaih

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The founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (the Promised Messaih and Mahdi) had a keen interest in religion from a very early age. Over time his knowledge and understanding of religion and its application to society deepened.
Being a Muslim it was his firm belief that all religions were true and he always sought to uphold the dignity of religion and to demosurate its relevance to everyone.
His mission was to revitalis the truth that all religions held within them and to revive the teachings of Islam. It was through this that he would bring mankind together and establish everlasting peace.
Hazrat Ahmad(as) had established himself as a respected writer and had written over 80 books. One of his greatest scholary works was The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam, prepared as a paper and read out at the Conference of Great Religions in 1896. He also wrote a fascinating treatise in 1899 entitled Jesus in India, a book that uncovered remarkable evidence of Jesus' (as) journey to India.
People joining his community reflected his success in conveying the truth of Islam. From 1889 until the time of his demise in 1908 ten of thousand of people accepted him. This blessing has continued and will continue through his Khalifas (successors).
The Promised Messaih looking at the world said: "O Europe, you are not safe and O Asia,you too, are not immune. And O dwellers of Island, no false god shall come to your rescue. I see cities fall and settlements laid wast. The one and the Only God kept silent for long. Heinous deeds were done before His eyes and He said nothing. But now He will reveal His face majesty and awe. Let him who has ears hear that the time is not far. I have done my best to bring all under the protection of God, but it was destined that what has written shall come to pass. Truly do I say, that the turn of this land, too, is approaching fast. The time of Noah shall reapear befor your own eyes will be witmesses to the calamity that overtook the cities of Lot. But God is slow in His wrath. Repent that you may be shown mercy! He who dose not fear Him is dead not alive                                                                      

                                                       HIS EDUCATION

The tutors engaged for the instruction of this child were not very learned. They taught him to read the Holy Quran, but they were not competent enough to impart even rudimentary instruction in the meaning and spiritual profundities of the Holy Book. They also gave him elementary instruction in Arabic and Persian. He learned to read the two languages but did not acquire any proficiency in them. He studied some books on the indigenous system of medicine under the guidance of his father who was a renowned physician. This was the sum total of his formal education. True, he was fond of books and was usually occupied with reading them in his father's library. But as learning and scholarship were not much esteemed at the time, his father wanted him to assist him in managing his mundane affairs and to interest himself in them and win
social esteem and popularity. Hence, his father tried to dissuade him from his studies and warned him against
becoming a bookworm. It is clear that with such elementary education he could not have carried out the stupendous task entrusted to him by Allah. Therefore, Allah Himself became his guide and teacher and taught him the meaning of the Holy Quran. and the secrets of the spirit and of life. He illumined his mind with His own light and blessed him with the mastery of the pen and with beauty and sweetness of expression
and helped him write scores of books of unsurpassed brilliance and to deliver discourses which are rich
repositories of learning and spiritual knowledge.


                         PROPHECY ABOUT HIS ADVENT

The time of his birth had been foretold by the earlier prophets and found prominent mention in their savings and scriptures. I would here mention only one such prophecy, by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Chief of the Prophets (on whom be peace). He had prophesied about a Mahdi
more than thirteen hundred years before that a number of false claimants to the office of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi would arise among the Muslims. None of them would be the true Mahdi, except one, who will be a true follower of the Holy Prophet and to establish the truth of his claim two heavenly signs will appear. These signs will be the solar and lunar eclipses which shall take place in the same month of Ramadhan. The lunar eclipse would occur on the first of the possible nights of such eclipses,
i.e., the 13th. The solar eclipse would occur on the second of the possible days of such eclipses, i.e. the 28th.
The fixing of the month of Ramadhan out of all the months of the year and again the fixing of definite dates
of the eclipses was a mighty prophecy indeed. To foretell such a conjunction of events was to transcend beyond the limits of human knowledge. In fact when the time came, the claimant actually appeared and declared himself to be the Mahdi and this was followed by the two heavenly signs—the two eclipses—as foretold with precision and exactitude. Most certainly this propheticutterance of the Holy Prophet, as events some thirteen hundred years later proved, was truly divinely inspired and of superhuman origin.

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