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The true victory of Islam, as is evident from the word 'Islam' (submission) itself, lies in our complete surrendering our selves to God and freeing ourselves of our egos and our passions. No idol, whether it is the idol of our desires, our our intentions, or the idol of creature worship, should stand in our way, and we should submit ourselves entirely to the will of God. After reaching this state of Fana (self-annihilation), we will attain baqa (the life of eternity) which will give our eyes a new light, our minds a new passion; and we will become a wholly new being and the same Eternal God will become for us a new God. This is the true victory, and one aspect of it is Divine ammunion.(the green announcement p. 28)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are Languages invention of Man?

It is not true to say that language is the invention of man.Research has established that the inventor and the creator of human languages is GOD Almighty, Who created man out of His perfect power and bestowed upon him a tongue that he may be able to speak. Had language been the invention of man, it would not have been necessary to teach a baby to talk. It  would have invented its own speach, as it grew mature.But it is patent that if a child is not taught speech, it would not be able to speak. Whether it is nurtured in a Greek forest or in the british Isels or at the equator, he has to be instructed in the art of speaking, and inthe absence of instruction he would not be able to speak.
 The notion that languages undergo changes under human influence is an illusion. this changes do not result from conscious human effort, nor can we determine any rule or principal whereby the human mind brings about changes in languages at certain times. Deep reflection would reveal that linguistic changes also take place under the direction of the Causa Causans like all other heavenly and earthly changes.
 It cannot be established at any particular time the whole of man kind collectively, or its different sections separately had invented  the different tongues that are spoken in the world. It might be asked why should it not be supposed that, as God Almighty  constantly brings about changes in languages, in the beginning languages might have been originated in the same way without the need of revilation? The answer is that in the beginning God had created everything simply through His power. Reflection on heaven, earth, run, moon and on human nature itself would disclose that the beginning and origin of everything was through the pure operation of Divine power, in which on physical means were involved. Whatever God created was a manifestation of His supreme power, which is beyond the concept of man..... The circumstances of today cannot serve as a precedent for the beginning and origin of creation. For instance, today on child is born without the agency of parents, but if in the beginning the same condition had been essential, man could not have come into being. Moreover, there is a world of difference between changes that naturally occur from time to time in languages and the birth of speech itself in the original void. The two concepts are entirely different.

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